The Best Again!

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The winning team at MMA…

Thank you for making us the best yet again!

I am delighted to share that we have been named “The Best Management Association in India” by AIMA for the Thirteenth time in a row. We are proud to have been chosen again and again for this coveted award. Thank you for your Love and support. We could not have done this without you.

It has been a momentous 66 years for MMA. And this journey would not have been such an enjoyable one if not for our members we have had along the way. Every member, institution and well-wisher has walked with us towards propagating the Management movement in this part of the country. It is with gratitude and confidence that we enter into another year. We look forward to walking with all of you and creating yet another year of beautiful memories.

I am happy and privileged to share the Award picture as the cover in this special issue. Click the link to view the presentation of the Award by the Chief Guest.

A great honour indeed! Thank you.

MMA All India Management Students’ Convention

The students’ convention provides insights into strategies of winners and helps young aspiring managers, who are on the threshold of an exciting management career, to understand the determinants of success.

After a gap of two years, this year’s convention is scheduled to be held in person. The theme: “AI: Shaping Today and the Future.” This convention seeks to provide key perspectives and insights on the emerging trends in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Every business must acquire intelligent digital muscle as a pressing management imperative. A galaxy of eminent speakers would share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for management students. A large number of students are participating in the convention off and online. I convey my sincere wishes to the delegates and all the very best in their future endeavours.

Launch of Special Issue of Business Mandate

The special issue of Business Mandate, the monthly digital magazine of MMA, is being brought out on the occasion of MMA All-India Management Students’ Convention. The emphasis is very strongly on innovation. I am delighted to present articles on how Aravind Eye Care became the world’s greatest business case for compassion and the story of Train 18, which affirms that thousands of such projects could bloom in our country. All it needs is courage, passion, sense of purpose, and resolve in leadership. Also in the package are insights on employment in small towns and the twelve habits of smart skill building and more…

Please read on and get inspired.

CavinKare-MMA Chinnikrishnan Innovation Award 2022

Mr Chinnikrishnan ushered in the “Sachet Revolution” with the hope that whatever the rich man can enjoy, the common man should be able to afford. As a fitting tribute to his memory, the CavinKare-MMA Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards is a celebration of innovation in India.

For the first time since its inception, a total digital route was taken to reach out to a large number of innovators around India through campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The result was excellent and exceeded our expectations, achieving 65 lakh impressions and over 40 lakh reach. The distinguished panel of jury, after deliberation, selected three innovations for the award, which will be presented on Saturday, 22nd October 2022, at a grand award function at IIT Madras Research Park Auditorium. There is indeed a serious need for a relentless focus on innovation to democratise products and services. Join us in our endeavour to promote innovation. Block your diary to be there with us during the celebration of innovation or watch it live.

Water Security

Water and sanitation have been important areas of focus in recent years for the Central and State Governments of India. One area where we need to act is achieving higher efficiency in water usage. A global study indicates that water loss in India is almost at fifty percent, which means that one litre of water saved at the consumption point eliminates the need to supply several litres from the main storage, as distribution losses are high. Water preservation is, therefore, important for conserving water. Major reforms were implemented in the face of the financial crisis, but we cannot afford to wait for a water crisis to begin. In this context, MMA is organising a discussion with the support of KAS and Policy Matters on the theme, “Water Futures Tamil Nadu – Pathways for Sustainable Development” at 06.00 pm on Thursday 29th September at MMA Management Center. Please join us in person at MMA Management Center or click to watch the programme live.

Moonlight Mischief – A Bane or Boon?

The idea of moonlighting is from an era where employees sold their time to their employers in exchange for a salary but used part of this time to do other work. But over the years, employer expectations increased. Workers were expected to work beyond the regular hours. This change in paradigm was also one-sided, to expect an employee not to do what she pleases in her free time to supplement her earning is totally unfair. Knowledge workers have now begun to express displeasure. Corporate voices have arisen against what is widely referred to as moonlighting. Wipro Chairman Mr Rishad Premji used the term ‘cheating.’ That it flouts professional ethics is obvious, and companies do have the right to act against such behaviour by full-timers who violate their terms of employment. But ultimately, its the employees’ dedication that every employer must count upon whether at home or office. Corporate values and mission alignment matter in setting one company apart from another. Companies need to take this issue seriously and do the right thing as appropriate.

As always we would be happy to hear your views, comments and suggestions.

Happy reading!