Still Adjusting to the New Realities

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Fiscal Year 2021 has been a unique year with plenty of challenges. Even as it ends, we continue to face the challenges and uncertainty of the times. But now we are equipped better with resilience, wisdom and vaccine! I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the trust you placed on us. For, it was with your support that we successfully managed and presented seamlessly outstanding management programmes all through the year despite the tough times.

The MMA Annual Convention on the theme “India’s Turning Point: Challenges and Opportunities” was a grand success, viewed by over 30,000 participants. The convention was addressed by a galaxy of speakers. In this issue, we are delighted to present to you articles on each of the sessions with embedded videos. Please read on, watch the videos, and do share your feedback.

Reconciling to the New Normal
We are all living in the New Normal, where our homes have doubled up as our workplaces too. The one year of working from home has brought working professionals to an inflection point. Over 40% of professionals are so tired that they want to change jobs, some even careers. A majority said that they were merely surviving or struggling while a few admitted to feeling isolated. The time spent in meetings has more than doubled; it is believed that over 40 billion more emails were delivered in Feb compared to last year. It all indicates the endless cycle of work with little time for relaxation, thereby causing persistent burnouts.

An Alternative New Space
We reconciled to the change by creating an alternative new space to even out the effects of the New Normal. In fact, to address the changing needs of our members and audiences, we switched to hybrid format events. We found this format quite simple, including a mix of live and virtual engagement with the audience no matter where they are. We can surely do a little to get that inspiration going! Do join us at MMA hybrid events and get inspired.

Covid also evangelised the collective mindset of the masses towards healthier living. People are now continuously talking about building immunity and generously ensuring a perennially healthy lifestyle. Our “Wellness Conclave for Success” on 7th April 2021 (also brought out in this edition) included an excellent presentation by Ponds Veterans on the theme, “The Fitness Habits of Successful CEOs.” Please read on and watch the embedded video for tips and info.

The pandemic has disproportionately affected womenfolk globally. I strongly believe that a self-reliant nation needs self-reliant women. I have personally seen how families—often economically weak—build a life of dignity and respect for themselves with limited means at their disposal. Without exception, families that are successful in doing so are influenced by the strong women of the family. She efficiently utilizes the family’s limited resources to fulfil the needs of all family members. The other quality that binds Indians at the bottom of the pyramid is their entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to work hard. If we could focus on millions of underprivileged, hard working women in India and provide them access to capital to leverage their entrepreneurial spirit, India will march towards an inclusive economic prosperity. In this context, MMA organized its Women Convention on the theme “The New Woman of Today,” to focus on the challenges faced by women, impact of the pandemic, and what it means for the New Woman of Today. The speakers shared their insights about navigating many faces of independence, tradition, modernity and the resulting potpourri of identities that is “The New Woman of Today”!

If you missed watching it live, click to watch the proceedings and get inspired.

The New Labour Codes
After much debate, India has consolidated 29 existing labour laws in to four broad codes—wages, social security, occupational safety and industrial relations. While the parliament has given its assent, administrative rules are yet to be framed. The initial target for the role-out was April 2021, but it may be delayed due to the elections. Businesses are on overdrive to adjust to the new regime. Legal, consulting firms and companies are already working on the way to implement and adapt to the new labour laws—India Inc., has its work cut out. In this regard, MMA with the support of AIMA and in association with KPMG and KAS presents an exclusive online workshop on “The New Labour Code” on Saturday, 8th April at 10.00 am. Please do watch the live streaming to understand more about the new labour code.

A Perfect Launch
Despite the pandemic seriously impacting our economy, the sight of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C51), lifting off majestically from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre and successfully placing Brazil’s Amazonia-1 and 18 other co-passenger satellite in orbit was heart-warming and refreshing. The success is a perfect and fitting gift to the nation, struggling to recover from the pandemic. ISRO has truly become synonymous for hard work, perseverance and team spirit. That some of the satellites were developed by students should serve as a source of inspiration for our youth. Finally, India’s initiative on space and vaccine diplomacy will certainly give fillip to the nation’s global ties.

Another Outbreak?
The Prime Minister is warning of the possibility of another Covid-19 outbreak. It is a cause for concern. The economy is limping, and we cannot afford to have a second wave. How much longer will the pandemic linger on? Already masks, hygiene and physical distancing have become an indispensable part of our lives. The vaccination drive should spread, and those who have had the jab should not see it as a licence to move freely. Appropriate behaviour has to be enforced to fight the pandemic.

Stay safe, stay healthy. Happy reading!

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