A Time to Meet Again!

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On Friday, 03 September 2021, we will present to you yet again a grand event: the 65th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Madras Management Association at MMA Management Centre, subject to then prevailing situation. Embracing those joyful sparks in our lives, being grateful, and staying clear off negativity make us to exceed and excel every time at MMA. Soon, our members will be receiving the Notice and invitation for the AGM. For the first time, we are bringing out the Annual Report in the web format. It is interactive and engaging with more information on all our events, activities, members and performance with embedded videos. Look forward to your participation at the AGM on Friday, 03 September 2021.
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Swarnim Vijay Varsh
MMA is honoured and privileged to host the Victory Flame on the occasion of “Swarnim Vijay Varsh” celebrations at MMA Management Centre. It was an occasion to commemorate our victory in the 1971 War for liberation of Bangladesh. Watch the inspiring conversation led by Gen Arun with the 1971 War Veterans and honouring of heroes of 1971 War and veer-naris during the occasion.
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Madras Day
Madras Day is celebrated every year on 22 August in commemoration of the sale of the village Chennapattinam or Madrasapattinam to the East India Company in 1639. The world may be in the midst of the most extraordinary circumstance but 22 August rings a happy note in Chennai, nay Madras. It’s never too much to refresh oneself about the city’s history. In this context, MMA is set to celebrate 382 years of Madras and to look into the future of a post-pandemic Smart City. The pandemic has come as a remarkable opportunity to review the paradigm of smart cities, and to steer the course of hundreds of other towns that are not on the map. This initiative sets the focus on the need for framing plans around people and nature, learning from mistakes and avoiding expensive technological solutions that are difficult to implement and maintain.
In this context and on the occasion of Madras Day, we present a discussion on “Madras Celebrating 382 Years: Smart City Chennai” on 21 August 2021.
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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are becoming a main area of discussion in corporate boards. The credit rating of a firm may be impacted by its ESG performance. In this context, companies will need managerial talent to help them access environmental risks and guide them in the transition to more sustainable businesses based on clean energy. Management education should respond by integrating sustainability management in the curriculum. Students need to be familiarized with sustainable development goals. Environment and sustainability will have to be embedded in corporate thought and action. It is now a mandatory requirement for branding, raising funds, and approaching young and aware consumers. MMA events now focus on these issues and it is our endeavour to impress upon management institutions to adopt it in the classroom and beyond. The idea of being a good corporate citizen is gaining ground with ESG and CSR initiatives. Corporate profit through CSR could be underpinned by the idea of a larger good towards the people and planet.
In this context MMA is organising a conclave on the theme “Tamil Nadu CSR Summit – Forging Partnerships & Impact Pathways” in association with Sattva Consulting and KAS at 9.30 am on 23 August 2021 at MMA Management Centre. The conclave intends to bring together grass-root level change makers, CSR Leaders, high impact philanthropist and Government officials to explore pathways for collaboration in order to redirect resources to the most underserved areas
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The Pegasus Affair
The damage caused by Pegasus has far reaching effects. There is so much that we do not know. The Government should also review its digital security measures to avert the misuse of surveillance technology and allay our fears of slipping into authoritarianism. If Pegasus was snooping on our public figures, we must find out who exactly was using this invasive tool. It is unnerving that our phones can be taken over by spyware. Thus, we urgently need to assure everyone of privacy as a fundamental right as emphasised by the Supreme Court of India by enacting an appropriate law to safeguard our citizens. As a proud democracy we can’t afford to slip the way of a surveillance stake. Eavesdropping on a friend and foe is as old as Chanakya’s Arthashastra. It has only gained sophistication over time. It is in the interest of our political parties across the spectrum to go beyond scoring brownie points and a look at the larger picture that involves far serious and long-term national interests.
Of drones and pay loads…
The Government of India has eased regulations to facilitate the use of unmanned aircraft (drones). The threat that could be posed by drone buzzing around Indian Airspace is significant. A drone that air lifts a pizza to a family picnic can also bear lethal pay loads. The recent drone attack on our Air Force institutions brought this issue into sharp focus. It is our technological advancement and confidence that resulted in liberalizing of our colour coded maps of flight zones. While highly sensitive areas must stay barred to drones, we should not complicate matters for operations beyond what is necessary. As it is a new business model, some turbulence is to be expected. But that should not impact our resolve to see it thrive. In this context, MMA in partnership with KAS and Peninsula Foundation is organizing a panel discussion with experts from the domain area to discuss on these issues for the benefit of our members and stakeholders.
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Given Covid’s unpredictable trajectory, we may or may not be headed for another peak. But we must overcome complacency. We must get vaccinated, maintain social distancing and wear a mask. We remain vulnerable to Covid resurgence. It would be best to stay on high alert.
Stay safe, stay healthy and keep learning.