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The short story of this mega city: water scarcity in the city from January to October; water scares the city in November and December. It’s shocking to know that around 125 tmc ft of water drained into the sea these past two months. An expert panel should be constituted to manage aquifers in the state, propagate water conservation techniques, and redefine the criteria for recycling and reusing water. In this context, MMA is organizing a unique discussion on the theme “Watershed: How We Destroyed India’s Water and How We Can Save It” on 10th December 2021. Join us at MMA in person at 06.00 pm.
At any rate, November continues to be busy month at MMA. In addition to our numerous Professional Management Development Programmes, we embarked on implementing a CSR initiative in a number of schools where poor children are studying. This has been possible with the support of ACSYS Investments Pvt Ltd and Super Auto Forge Pvt Ltd. I am personally blessed to be part of such an initiative. We need to mount a well-planned and well-funded rescue mission to revitalize schools affected by the pandemic.

The implementation of Industry 4.0 requires a good knowledge of the critical value drivers, the key technologies, and the practical implementation steps to achieve this transformation and sustained growth.

Towards Reducing the Cost of Supply Chain
The cost of logistics in India is approximately 14% of its gross domestic product, while that of developed countries is in the range of 8-10%. An improved logistics environment will foster production and distribution, generate better economics of scale, minimize cost per unit, and ultimately lead to lowering of prices for the consumer. The government’s aim is to bring down the cost by 5% of GDP over the next five years. A number of initiatives have been put in place by the government to achieve this objective. In this context, MMA is organizing a conclave in association with KAS and IIMM on the theme “Reimagining India’s Supply Chain to Improve Competitiveness.”
Join us at MMA in person or watch the program live.
Farm Laws: A Time for Flexibility
Hopefully, the decision to repeal Farm Laws does not effectively kill the much needed reforms in the agricultural sector. The government’s decision to form a Committee to address concerns would go a long way towards identifying actual pain points of farmers. There is a need for reforms in farming, including investing in agriculture and marketing agricultural produce. Farm Laws should reflect regional and crop diversity. In cooperative federalism, states have a major role; therefore, the ideal way forward is to invite all stake holders to achieve success. Farmers should withdraw protest and push for consultation in efforts to reform the sector. Flexibility is not a bad trait in democracy, which is about constant negotiations.
Industry 4.0 to Our Aid
MSMEs play a critical role in driving the economy. This segment can impact jobs, livelihood and growth; however, adapting to technology is still a pain point that negatively impacts it. The disruption due to the pandemic has impacted almost every manufacturing company. Some companies dynamically adjusted their production plan based on the changing market demands and availability of raw materials. This was possible because smart manufacturing enables devices and machines to communicate with each other and make effective decisions on production planning and actual production, based on triggers in the demand of the product, thus efficiently managing manufacturing and distribution. The phrase “Industry 4.0” describes this transition and explains how the production processes are organised based on technology and devices that can exchange information along the value chain. The transition brought on by Industry 4.0 can enable companies to reimagine production, sourcing and business strategies to remain relevant in the post-pandemic world. The journey towards Industry 4.0 of tomorrow must begin today. The implementation of Industry 4.0 requires a good knowledge of the critical value drivers, the key technologies, and the practical implementation steps to achieve this transformation and sustained growth. In this regard, MMA is organizing a seminar on the theme, “Implementation of Industry 4.0 in a Post-Pandemic World.” The seminar will include a unique mix of state-of-the-art developments and practical examples on Industry 4.0 taken from the direct experiences of practising experts. Join us on Thursday, 16th December 2021 at MMA Management Center or watch it live to know more about the implementing strategy of Industry 4.0. Click to view.
MMA Start-up Series
An entrepreneur’s journey is both a joy and a burden. In tough times, when your judgement is clouded, you should have a strong system of support to rely on. Entrepreneurship is a journey—a hard, lonely one that can drive one crazy at times but is equally rewarding and fulfilling. The start-up series lectures organized by MMA with successful and outstanding entrepreneurs provided interesting insights on this aspect of entrepreneurship. Listen to Mr Shankar in conversation with Mr Tarun Mehta, on “Ather – Electric is Here!” —Click to watch.
Crypto is Here to Stay!
There is a strong belief that crypto currencies are here to stay in different forms whether as floating currencies or stable coins, which are pegged to actual currencies or digital coins issued by the Central Bank. The rapid adoption of Crypto currencies has also led to them being recognized as a legal tender by countries like El Salvador and being regulated by US Securities and Exchange communications as a security asset. Our policy on digital currencies should be guided by an analysis of potential wide-range scenarios in India. We must also consider the gains that crypto-based enterprises can generate and be realistic about a genie that won’t get corked back in. The policy-makers have to come to terms with this new form of currency and dedicated awareness campaigns must be organised to sensitise investors about the legitimate and illegitimate ways in which crypto currencies can be used. A ban on private Crypto may not work, given their decentralized technology. Regulating them, however, could address the Central Bank’s concerns and would be a better option.
Race to Net Zero Carbon Emissions
Climate change is one of the most pressing issue that currently concerns humanity. It is expected that with the further worsening of the environmental situation in India, drastic changes are urgently required in its climate change policy. The solution cannot be left in the hands of a few and it is high time that the Government considers adopting significant changes in its current climate change policy implementation mechanism in order to meet one of the most changing realities of our time. Committing to Net Zero Carbon emissions is a tall order. India is a developing nation with a lion’s share of its energy produced through thermal power. The country should for now focus on gradually turning to relying on renewable source of energy.
Leaving Behind the Pandemic
India and Indian Inc. have adapted well and truly put the first and second waves of the pandemic behind. Nowhere is it more evident than in booming stock market and healthy corporate results despite the debilitating and ferocious second wave that hit the country. We are now confident to defeat any impending waves of the pandemic. India Inc. has shown how right Albert Einstein was when he said, “Amidst every crisis lies the great opportunity.”
I believe that the overall situation seems optimistic. It is still very necessary for each one of us not to let our guard down; it is essential to follow the covid appropriate behaviours—masking, distancing, hand washing and avoiding large crowds till we are absolutely sure we have conquered the virus.
In this issue, we present to you thought provoking articles. The insightful discussions with Viswanathan Anand and Viren Rasquinha will surely inspire you and equip you with sound knowledge to drive positive change in yourself and in your organization. Let me know what you think about everything that’s happening at MMA. You may contact me at ed@mmachennai.org.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep learning!