If only AI can solve all these issues…

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This year’s Management Students’ Convention will focus on the promises and perils of Machine Intelligence.

Picture a computer that could finish this sentence, use a snatch of melody to compose music, and solve problems… A bit like human.  The “Foundation Model” that can do these things represents a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence. For years it has been said that AI-powered automation poses a threat to people in repetitive, routine jobs; and that artists, writers and programmers were safer. The Foundation Model challenges that assumption. When handled well, AI can complement humanity rather than usurp our role in the plant.  This year’s Management Students’ Convention scheduled on Tuesday, 27th September 2022 at IIT Research Park, will focus on issues such as these and much more.  Suggest that you block your diary and visit us on that day.

Time to Stop the Exodus!

The number of people giving up Indian citizenship in recent years may not be large enough yet for any alarm, but it is nudging us to think about the tax burden on the high net worth individuals. Our policymakers must not overlook the power of personal incentives in a globalised world. The best way to contain the possibility of emigrations turning into a full-blown exodus may lie in reducing any outbound motivations. Moderation in taxes should top the agenda.  Some factors seem beyond our control, such as the weakness of the Indian passport in getting us entry to the richest countries. Of course, diplomatic efforts need a boost and some pre-emptive actions need to be taken in the interest of our nation.

A Competitive India & Inflation

The world today traverses a very challenging journey: Global inflation, geo-political tensions and severe economic stress are undermining growth and stability. The concerted efforts of RBI and the Union government to contain inflation appear to be having some impact, albeit marginally. However, a separation of signals from noise suggests that Indian economy will do better than many expect. Notwithstanding, the global headwinds, the promise of the India story is still intact and the economy is poised to remain one of the fastest growing in the world. Still, we cannot de-couple ourselves from these issues and be unmindful of the opportunities around.  I strongly believe that India is perfectly poised today to ride a multi-year trend of high growth.

Your Path to Wellness

“Health is a state of body; wellness is state of being”

– J. Stanford.

Life is not governed by what you have but what you are.  With all the things money can buy, wellness is an aspect that one has to aspire and strive for. We must invest in elevating one’s quality of life.  From ancient practices to modern sciences, a focus towards wellness spans across history. Holistic wellness is an amalgamation of various conscious lifestyle choices—from eating healthy to caring for yourself and your loved ones, to planning vacations that allow you to break from the daily humdrum of routine life. In this context, MMA is organizing a wellness conclave in partnership with Aura Holistic Wellness Center on Saturday, 13 August 2022, from 09.30 am to 01.00 pm at the MMA Management Centre. Participation is by invitation only. Click to view.

Health Services at School

Children across the country are back in their classrooms after a prolonged closure due to the pandemic. While there has been some discourse on learning recovery, there is an urgent need to factor in the health needs of school children. Though school-age children have a relatively low sickness rate, they do have age-specific health needs that are linked to unhealthy dietary habits, irregular sleep, lack of physical activity, dental and eye problems, etc. The health, knowledge and lifestyle acquired in the school going age also play in adulthood, shaping their behaviour for the rest of their lives. In this context, the MMA-ACSYS CSR latest initiative focusses on children’s skill development through computer tab-based learning, entrepreneurship development, and caring for one’s health among others.

In addition, a talk on “Creating a World Class Higher Education System in India” by Dr K V Ramani, Founder and Chancellor, Sai University, dealt in depth about the issues faced by education institutes, children, tutors and parents. This is our cover story. Read and watch the talk published in this issue.

State of State Finance

State governments are confronting various fiscal risks—particularly heavy debt—observed the latest RBI bulletin. The centre too recently red flagged states high off-budget borrowings and escalating power dues. Many states have not implemented or have poorly implemented much needed economic reforms especially in terms of service charges for public utilities electricity. Welfare-enhancing schemes are important too, and the poorest of the poor should be taken care of. However, a rising trend in providing freebies has eaten into the expenditure pie. In this context, MMA is organising a discussion on the theme “Fears of Global Recession and Impact on India” at 06.00 pm on Friday, 26th August 2022 at MMA Management Centre. Watch live at

The Ageless Wisdom

Thirukkural written by Thiruvalluvar enjoys a special place among Tamils for over two millennia. “The Ageless Wisdom – Management Lessons from Thirukkural” is a talk by Dr Prabhakaran delivered recently at MMA. The talk opened the eyes of every listener to the rich panoply of Valluvar’s thoughts and their applicability to different aspects of life and management. An article on the theme of the lecture is published in this issue with embedded video. Please read on and watch the lecture in Tamil.

A change of guard…

We will take forward our vision guided and supported by the new Managing Committee headed by the President, Mr Suresh Raman, Vice President & Regional Head, Tata Consultancy Services, Chennai. The new Managing Committee consisting of experienced professionals and new entrants with a vast corporate background would immensely contribute to take MMA to greater heights. I will be failing in my duty if I do not place on record of the great support extended by Mr C V Subba Rao, Managing Director, Sanmar Shipping Ltd., who has been our President during 2021 -22. He has been a great source of inspiration and support to us towards achieving our objective. Personally, it has been a unique privilege to be part of his team. I thank him for his unstinted support in all our endeavours.

Har Ghar Tiranga: Hoist the National Flag in your home

Har Ghar Tiranga is a campaign under the aegis of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to encourage people to bring the Tiranga home, to mark the 75th year of India’s Independence. Our relationship with the flag has always been more formal and institutional than personal.  Bringing the flag home collectively as a nation in the 75th year of Independence thus becomes symbolic as not only an act of personal connection to the Tiranga but also as an embodiment of our commitment to nation building.  The idea behind the initiative is to invoke the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the people and to promote awareness about the National Flag.  I invite the members to participate and mark this momentous occasion—you are requested to hoist the flag in your home from 13th to 15th August 2022 and be privileged and honoured.