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Wishing you a very happy New Year!

The year 2022 mattered a lot too, for the continuing shocks and volatility and challenges: From the invasion of Ukraine to the rise of Covid in China, from inflation to climate change… these ordeals and a lot more have set us along a new path and have also shed light on the three major tipping points affecting the future of our country:

First, reversal of the country’s youthful demography by 2055.

Second, the dangers of climate change.

Third, the prospect of large sections of society finding themselves free from wants and choosing to remain idle, especially so with the maturing of fourth generation technologies like digital, nano, bio and machine learning, and the increasing fusion of cyber and physical space.

Rather than worrying about the problems in store for 2023, a more constructive strategy would lie in strengthening the country’s economic foundations so as to achieve the best possible economic outcome no matter what happens elsewhere around the world. Macro stability and continued reforms will ensure that once the ongoing global storm passes, India will be raring to go!

Leadership for the future!

The impact of economic, political and public health events of the past few years is still visible. While some parts of the world are grappling with economic slowdown, other parts are witnessing increasing socio-economic disparities. Climate change is striking all over: Europe is experiencing heat waves; the Atacama is blooming; and unseasonal flooding in major cities, like, Bengaluru… Sustainability is under threat. Business leaders are re-accessing their impact, including on the environment. Still, they need to ask difficult questions and make tough choices.

Is it possible to pursue both growth and sustainability? By reducing emission and investing in sustainable and green processes and technologies, business leaders can do their bit to restore the health, happiness and harmony of people and the planet. By practicing responsible leadership, leaders can begin implementing this change within. The future of business lies in nurturing organizations that can give back to the planet and help make it a better place.

In this context, MMA organized a unique event on “Leaders in Making,” “Becoming Powerful and Unlocking Your Potential,” and much more. Watch the videos and read the articles on these discussions in this issue.

MMA has scheduled a number of events in January relating to de-carbonizing India; for instance, (i) charting a pathway for sustainable growth, (ii) towards a green economy and much more. Please watch the experts share their insights on how to reduce emission and invest in sustainable growth to restore the health, happiness and harmony of the people and the planet.

Tamil Nadu as a trillion dollar economy

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has set a goal of becoming a trillion dollar economy by 2030. This is an excellent aspirational goal. Tamil Nadu’s GDP this year is expected to be equivalent to $ 0.31 Trillion. To reach the goal set by the Chief Minister, the state has to triple the size of its economy. A strong growth over a sustained period can happen only in a stable economic environment. In this context, I am delighted to present to you in this issue the insights shared by the Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu Dr PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan during the 4th R K Swamy Memorial Lecture delivered on the theme “Shaping Tamil Nadu Towards a Trillion Dollar State” at MMA. Please click to watch the video and read on the article in this issue.

Covid-19 and India

After three years, Covid is still alive and kicking in China. It is a foregone conclusion that cases will spread across the world. With our array of different vaccines of proven efficacies, effectiveness, safety and lasting immunity, India is prepared to counter any spike in new infections. However, there must be emphasis on booster doses, increased genomic surveillance, screening of passengers at airports and basic prevention protocols. With the New Year and many festivities around the corner, one hopes that the rise in cases in China does not cause problems. We need to be safe and remain alert, particularly considering that the true picture hardly emerges from China.

Resolution for 2023!

I don’t have a single resolution for the New Year! Am I worried? Absolutely not, but no more resolutions. It’s not that resolutions are inherently bad. It’s that they rarely help you achieve your goal.

I love this quote from Maya Angelou: “You can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been.” This could not be more apt when looking at my past resolutions. You don’t need to wait till the New Year to take small steps towards becoming better individual. On the other hand, keep watching MMA events and read on business mandate to achieve your objective!

Looking ahead

As the year draws to a close, we would like to thank you for your unflinching support and encouragement year after year. We will continue to remain your trusted partner when it comes to anything related to Management. We will work with renewed vigour and focus on best practices/insights on latest management thoughts to enhance your professional competence. We assure you that we shall maintain an “Arjuna Eye”—borrowing a phrase from the Governor of the Reserve Bank—on your professional needs and well-being to be a high performance individual.

We urge you to constantly send in your feedback—positive ones as well as criticisms, both equally important inputs in enabling us to get better at what we do.

Thank you for your great support. You are the adrenalin that pumps us to reach greater heights.

As always, we would be happy to hear your views, comments and suggestions.

Happy Reading…. And a brilliant New Year!!!