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Welcome to the 66th Annual General Meeting of the Madras Management Association (MMA). It’s once again my pleasure and privilege to be associated with another special edition of the digital Business Mandate being released on this momentous occasion.

Over the past 66 years, MMA grew from strength to strength to carve a niche for itself as a multidisciplinary group focused on high quality management programmes, which not only benefited its members but also the public at large. Ranked Number One among its peers from India, MMA is positioned itself to fulfil the vision and mandate laid out by its founding fathers. I would like to thank the members of MMA, Past Presidents, Managing Committee Members and Secretarial staff for enabling this achievement. It has been an exciting journey, but a long road remains ahead. With purpose and values, MMA continues to focus on the imperative, discourage unproductive engagements, and encourage activities that promote managerial excellence. Functioning at our new Management Center has significantly enhanced the quality of our services.

Among the management fraternity,
the MMA Awards for Managerial Excellence is one of the most acclaimed accolades for celebrating leaders of businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals for their all-round performance. It recognizes managerial excellence, innovation, service and commitment to stakeholders. Through these awards, MMA seeks to recognize outstanding business models driven by people who think differently and are indeed an inspiration to all. The Award applicants were shortlisted using a unique and scientific methodology conceived by Deloitte, our consultant for the Award. The winners under each category have been selected by an eminent panel of jury. MMA congratulates the winners of the 20th MMA Awards for Managerial Excellence: Carborundum Universal Ltd., TANFAC Industries Ltd., and NTECL.


The message from the Agnipath episode is that India’s youth must begin to look at self-employment in a serious way. Rather than don the cap of a job seeker, they must learn to be job givers. Equipping our young with necessary skills in a vocation of their choice will help them be self-employed with dignity. It is not out of place to mention here about the mandatory military service (of about three years) that Israeli youth go through. It is one of the most significant factors that turned Israel into a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is also worth noting that the young Israelis—after their compulsory military service—are often inclined to pursue higher education. India’s Agnipath programme too can become a similar transformative force. It is imperative that we create a world-class education system in India to meet these challenges and aspirations of our youth. In this context, MMA organized an event on the theme “Creating a World-class Higher Education System in India” by Mr K V Ramani, Founder and Chancellor, Sai University on Wednesday, 6th July 2022 at MMA Management Center.

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A $30 Trillion Economy?

The Indian economy will reach $30 trillion by 2052, according to Mr Piyush Goyal. The size of the economy is currently around $3 trillion. If it grows by 8% per year for the next 30 years, it will cross $30 trillion by 2052. Such prediction is a tall order, indeed. Nonetheless, as Ruchir Sharma writes in Breakout Nations, “The new rule is to forecast so far into the future that no one will know you got it wrong.”

Notwithstanding the prediction, we organized a discussion on the theme, “Where from Here is the $5 Trillion Economy” with eminent panellists on 23rd June 2022. I am delighted to present the article on the discussion in this issue with an embedded video. Please read on and watch the video for thought-provoking views on the theme.

The Context for Gender in Leadership?

The term “women leaders” is often used without any context. I think there are only two categories of leaders: Good and Bad. Leadership has absolutely nothing to do with gender. The way both genders are wired and conditioned creates certain strengths and weaknesses.

In this context, MMA is organizing a discussion under Women Business Forum on the theme, “Be the heroine of your life…..”


Ms Gangapriya Chakraverti, Managing Director, Ford Business Solutions—India, will be in conversation with Ms Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, GTB India.

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With another hectic year around, there are definitely better days ahead!

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