Collaboration with a purpose

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People and organizations thrive in an environment built on collaboration. When organizations come together, they achieve their objectives effectively. Interdependence is essentially merging ‘the mindset of abundance’ with ‘the discipline of leverage’. It occurs where organizations are working collaboratively to achieve a common vision. Our journey to propagate the Management Movement started 66 years ago. While our brand signifies our roots, our tagline vision, “Fountainhead of Excellence,” symbolizes how we have been striving to realise our aspiration for reaching new heights of excellence.

In this context, I am delighted to share with you that MMA and Andhra Chamber of Commerce have been organising joint programmes for the past few years. We are having our 100th joint lecture on 18th November at MMA Management Center. Mr D Shivakumar, Group Exec. President- Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Aditya Birla Group, has kindly agreed to deliver the Special Lecture on the theme “On changing leadership expectations.” Do join us and watch the special event live.

AI has exceeded our expectations

AI is doing the unthinkable. At a time of evolving business models, AI enables businesses to re-think strategies and adopt a more humane way of instilling enablement. Every day examples of such enablement include automated cars, contextual robots, automated financial investments advisors, and even marketing.

In the hiring industry, AI is enabling a more equitable and humane culture. It enables organisations to onboard candidates with higher intangible skills than just numbers. No major industry can claim being unaffected by the AI vision. AI should be able to generate many new and surprising ideas. In this context, MMA organised a National Management Students Convention on the theme “AI: Shaping Today and the Future” on 27th September 2022 at the IIT Research Park Auditorium. A galaxy of eminent speakers addressed the convention. Around 1000 delegates attended the event, and over 25000 watched online. I am delighted to present an article on the convention in this issue with embedded videos. Please read on and watch to get inspired.

Sustainability is ideal for business as well as the planet

More and more organisations are expected to craft their business strategy with sustainability embedded in the design, now that evidence has piled up in favour of its business sense. As pressure increases on businesses to meet the challenges of sustainability, a widening set of technological tools is emerging to help achieve ends consistent with a bequeath-able planet. While the pandemic did throw us off Sustainable Development Goals, it is important for businesses, governments and societies to collaborate and get back on track. Sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’—it is at very heart to our existence and that of future generations.

In this regard, MMA in association with Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy, celebrated the ‘sustainability week’ at MMA on 18th October 2022. A galaxy of eminent speakers addressed the delegates. I am happy to present to you an article on this special event with embedded video. Please read on and get inspire. And there has never been better time to start than now!

Gross domestic product (GDP)

The mood in the global market has turned decidedly sombre. The emerging perception is that the world is in the middle of a biting recession. Various indications are already flashing red, suggesting that recession is round the corner. But the Indian economy stands out amid the global economic turmoil. The Indian economy is performing much better compared to the globe, even the IMF had pegged growth at 6.8%; for a large economy of our size, and it’s a respective number. Stability warrants as much attention as growth in these globally fraught times.

In this context, MMA organized a discussion on the theme “Does GDP Growth Reflect the Real State of Economy?” on 27 October 2022. The article of the discussion is presented in this issue. Please read and watch the live recording of the discussion.

Water Futures

India’s has 18% of world’s population with only 4% of its water resources, making it one of the most water-stressed geographies in the world. Climate change is likely to exacerbate this pressure on water resources. Ironically, India faces drought and flood at the same time in different parts. The centrality of water in agriculture, business and human existence makes this scarcity and uncertainty difficult to ignore. Keeping this critical issue in mind, MMA organized a panel discussion in association with Policy Matter on “Water Futures, Tamil Nadu – Pathways for Sustainable Development” on 29th September 2022 at MMA Management Center.

I am privileged to present an article on this important discussion in this issue with video.

Celebrating women who pave the way forward

Women in India contribute greatly towards India’s economic growth and prosperity. As per a recent report, there are 432 million women of employment age in India, out of which 343 million of are employed in the unorganised sector. It is estimated that just by offering equal opportunities to women, India could add USD 770 billion to its GDP by 2025. To celebrate women and their success stories and to inspire them to make a difference, a strong support system is crucial to the success of the women. Women are no lesser than men and they must be given equal opportunities. There will be challenges; however, the right attitude, approach and good education will help them overcome these issues. MMA WBF organises discussion every month on women achievers. The event showcases women who have made a mark in the fields of entrepreneurship, education, social work, arts etc., We are delighted to present an online lecture by Ms Anuradha Das Mathur, Founder & Dean, The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women &
Director, 9.9 Group on the theme How Gender Benefits Men” on 15th November 2022.

Kindly watch it online and share your feedback

The Mantra: Innovate or Perish

Disruptive technologies are sweeping the economic landscape. The only way nations can ride out the storm and grow is through innovation. India must put innovation at the heart of its policies and business strategies for national development and economic growth. It is the right time to focus aggressively on establishing an innovation-led economy and creating new avenues of digital opportunities. India needs to leverage the innovation trend to accelerate its growth trajectory and innovate its way to power and prosperity.

In this context, CavinKare in association with MMA has instituted Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards to select and honour entrepreneurs from all over India who embody the ‘dreamer,’ ‘innovator,’ and ‘ideator’ qualities of this celebrated innovator, the late Shri. R. ChinniKrishnan. The grand awards function was held on 22nd October 2022 at the IIT Research Park Auditorium, where three outstanding innovators were recognized. The awards function was attended by over 1000 participants, and I am delighted to present article on the awards function with embedded video. Kindly watch and get inspired.

Digital Blockbuster

India is on course to have one of the fastest roll outs of 5G telecom networks. Possibly, some of the biggest gains will accrue to enterprises through Industry 4.0, Machine-to-Machine Communications on 5G networks are expected to over shadow human communications, leading to a paradigm shift in productivity.

For a full 5G experience, bottlenecks now need to be reconciled on priority to achieve its objective.

As always, we would be happy to hear your view, comments and suggestions.

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